Square Peg in a Round Hole?

Square Peg in a Round Hole? Are you positioning yourself for Success?

Do you ever feel like an outsider at your place of business? Something’s just not right?  Maybe you don’t understand or feel like you fit in with the corporate culture of the brand? Are you struggling to understand their mission and point of view? Does your code of ethics differ from theirs? or your style? Or maybe your creativity is being stifled or you are not being recognized or promoted or you are not being offered opportunities or raises?  Is there a clear path for advancement at your present place of employment? Are you receiving the compensation and benefits you need and want?  These are all signs you may be in the wrong place!  

Sometimes we think we align with a brand, or we want to; but we really don’t. That little nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach is your gut telling you that indeed, you are in the wrong place. 

You shouldn’t feel like you are constantly swimming upstream, or being passed over. Your job, your career is where you spend a large part of your life and it should be a place you enjoy, you are passionate about, and you are successful at. 

We have learned to ignore our gut. We don’t trust it when the little hairs on the back of our neck stand up. In reality, these are warnings, our subconscious acknowledging what our conscious doesn’t want to admit. 

Pay attention and trust your gut,  follow your heart! Don’t be afraid to leave a place or position that is making you unhappy or unfulfilled. Now, more than ever there are more choices to excel, thrive, and flourish. Your career should be a passion play, something that excites and inspires you.  We don’t always know what that is, but we sure do know when it isn’t! 

Start to listen to your inner voice, and face your fear. You are NOT STUCK!  If a company or management doesn’t see your potential, move on!  You are wasting their time and more importantly; yours. 

Enjoying what you do and where is essential for your happiness and wellness!  There ARE opportunities out there waiting for you. Sometimes you must leave a space to find a better one! 

To help access whether you are in the right place, try answering the following questions?

1)    Are you happy and excited to go to work?

2)    Are you being compensated appropriately?

3)    Are there clear pathways for advancement and growth?

4)    Are you stimulated and being challenged?

5)    Are there educational or training opportunities?

6)    Are you being recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

7)    What happens if you get sick or injured? 

8)    Do you have job security?

9)    Is there flexibility in the workplace if you need time off or have a problem arise?

10)  Is there someone who advocates for you?

11) Do you like and bond with your fellow employees and management?

12)  Are you proud of where you work?

These are but a few essential questions you need to answer to begin to understand if the company you are with is the right choice for you.  Health, wealth and happiness all go hand in hand and when you make a career choice, they all have to be taken into account.

People are unhappy, unfulfilled and lack purpose when they are not stimulated, part of something larger than themselves or when their needs are going unmet.  If too many demands are placed on you without proper compensation or recognition, stress is the obvious outcome. Depression, stress, lower self esteem and boredom can set in when you are in the wrong place or position, creating an unhealthy and unwell environment.

I believe this is a situation possibly facing too many of us, and important enough to warrant more action than just this article. 

I am currently putting together a first Conscious Body Consulting/ F.I.G. event:   An “industry conversation”;  a more in-depth, live event to address career options and opportunities that are available. The program will discuss and offer real suggestions and opportunities. We will discuss career, and job opportunities, what the workplace looks like, career moves, how to make more money, auxillary ancillary ways to increase your income and more!  You will also be able to experience a handful of wellness modalities to recharge and restore your body, something every fitness and wellness professional needs to make time for and enjoy! 

If this is of interest to you? Send me an email indicating your interest and I will send you an invite. If this is something you think would be good for someone you know? SHARE IT! 

Send your email to : fighelps@gmail.com  and let’s spend some time and effort to get you working in the career of your dreams and feeling passionate and excited about going to work every day! 



ss lies in the details, and the reason Soul Cycle is so successful? Is they just paid attention to all of them.



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