learn about essential oils


Learn About Essential Oils EVENT


Learn all about how essential oils work, what oils heal which ailment …

Are you curious about how essential oils work, or how to use them? Are you looking for ways to improve your health and use more natural remedies?

I have invited Danielle O'Connell of Urban Wellness and Pilates 91 Studio to give a very informative lecture on essential oils and their uses.
Come and learn how pure essential oils can support your health in many ways: improve your digestion, boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, help you sleep better and even help boost your moods…..and more!

There is real science behind essential oils and I have aligned myself with an amazing and super knowledgeable person, Danielle O'Connell who is hosting the lecture. The oils that we will be using are the most pure, natural, therapeutic grade essential oils that really work. I'm inviting you to join me and learn about what essential oils are, how to use them, when to use them and what oils to use for which ailments!

Please respond and RSVP by Oct 18th .. you can invite friends we just need to know in case we need to move it to a larger space ...


Tues Oct 22nd from 1-2pm or

Thurs Oct 24th from 5-6pm

WHERE : Studio 91 Pilates

162 East 91st Street go down the stairs to the entrance on the right of the main entrance

Learn about Essential Oils

Please respond and RSVP by Oct 18th .. you can invite friends we just need to know in case we need to move it to a larger space ...


Tues Oct 22nd from 1-2pm or

Thurs Oct 24th from 5-6pm

WHERE : Studio 91 Pilates

162 East 91st Street go down the stairs to the entrance on the right of the main entrance

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Industry Conversations


Starting in November, with our first discussion we will cover  personal career opportunities discussion on how to make more money!  How to get hired for the gyms, studios and businesses you want, How to increase your avenues for growth, alternative opportunities to make more money, What your future in the industry looks like, increasing your online and social media presence.  Nov 20th 4-6pm incl product sampling and restorative treatments  $25/all incl.

Essential Oil Classes

Learn all about essentials oils.

Learn all about the uses and benefits of essential oils. Many oils have specialized and useful benefits for health, wellness and healing. Learn all about different oils and their properties, how to apply them and use them and how they can enhance your and your clients life. DATES: Oct 22nd and 24th

Group Fitness Management Training


This 2 day seminar covers all everything you need to know to make a career in fitness. Learn exactly what the role of a group fitness manager is all about and how to successfully take it on. Complete with manual and take home forms, this comprehensive course is all you need to make the next step into group fitness management. $199/ complete with manual . Date: Dec 10 and 11  Time: 11 -4

Styling and Make Overs


wondering what the best hairstyle or fashion statement is best for you? "Clothes make the person" Fashion , hair and make -up are a skill to master. Your first impression is your look and should match your message . Learn how to master your look and develop your style muscles. We will assist you to design a look that speaks to who you want the world to see.  Date : TBA 

Full Day Events


Mark your Calendars for April 04 @ Lululemon Soho for a full day of classes and services designed to further your career and indulge in wellness treatments and modalities for restoration and motivation. More details coming 

Online Seminars

Nothing's off the table, everything to share, the online content features wellness,  fitness, health

Nothing off the table, everything to share. Topics include wellness, Health, fitness, lifestyle, and everything inbetween. Real and honest answers and discussion . Designed to help you personally and professionally. 


BodyART Event

OCT 06th , SAVE THE DATE! BEING BALD and BEING BOLD - A JOYful approach to radical selfcare☺

BEING BALD and BEING BOLD - A JOYful approach to radical selfcare☺

A journey from competitive gymnastics through motherhood, being a fitness professional and the ‚global mother’ of bodyART-training, to becoming a GROOVE facilitator and how this lead me into living pure bliss – PURA VIDA

Julia will start this event with sharing her inspiring personal journey, which is a reflection of 25 years being a fitness professional and exploring her inner world. She is a mover and shaker and so is life, it is constantly moving. Her lecture will guide you into a class based on the bodyART-training-principles. The goal is to challenge your body and mind while treating yourself with kindness at the same time. Every exercise effects not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional body. Conscious modifications and varitations will make your practice successful, enjoyble and help you experiencing how good it feels to feel good. 

After focussing on alignement, structure and breath, we will add creativity and connection during


The worldgroovemovement was founded by Misty Tripoli. Her powerful yet surprisingly simple method to movement, mindfulness and creativity that makes dance easy and accessible to everyone has quickly evolved into a global dance movement with Groove Dancefloors in over 20 countries. The World Groove Movement has become one of the leading voices in the conscious movement revolution.

GROOVE is an easy and fun dance party - you can't get it wrong!
Julia will take you on a ‚ride’ through different music styles. Although we are all united in the same move you will get the freedom to express yourself authentically and creatively. If you can walk, you can GROOVE! A powerful way to connect to yourself.

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Fitness Events


Women's Empowerment Event

This event celebrates the woman over 40+. Empowering and transformational, choose from a variety of offerings or customize based on individual or company needs. Features include a well crafted and relevant swag bag, expert panel discussions and lectures, workouts, recovery and restorative treatments and services related products to purchase  ( additional components can include style consults for apparel, hair, skin care, body care, home care and design. )

Wellness Event coming soon ..


Foam Roller, BodyART, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation, Dance, Stretching, conditioning

Services and Products

Aromatherapy, massage, reiki, body oils and lotions, CBD oils , all natural curated skin care lines, functional and researched supplements, nutrition and specialty foods, juices  and smoothies

Unite and Build Community

These events are powerful and unifying events that bond and create safe spaces to engage without worry, fear or guilt. Open and free, motivating and uplifting, informational and transformational. Grow individually and bond with fellow attendees to form a strong supportive community

Make it Your Own

With all the stresses of everyday life coupled with the weight of all of it's physical mental and emotional pitfalls, Everyone deserves the opportunity and platform to experience an event that can help and optimize their journey. Customize yours  or choose from one of our offerings