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Benefits, Health Coverage and Financial Planning Now Available!

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Customized benefits package Click the link or read on

Benefits package just like full-timers



We just partnered with Trupo to bring you a personalized benefits package designed for your life as a freelance fitness instructor.

How it Works

Just like an H.R. dept, Trupo builds a recommended benefits plan for you -starting with insurance plans for dental care, accidents and illness. Through our partnership you now have expert advice at your fingertips and a simple way to get the coverage you need.  - from a trusted source that supports our work 

What you need

simply make sure you are a current F.I.G. member and click on our link here

F.I.G. Membership

One year membership is $35 and allows you access to all services, benefits, events, education, training, and products. To sign up reach out by email :

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Health Insurance Broker

Additional Information

You will need your F.I.G. member number to apply. Contact us if you are in need of your number or if you need to become a member. Base level one membership is a low $35/ year and includes product discounts, access to health and liability insurance, discounts on events and services 

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contact us at for more information or to answer any questions

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Financial Planning Services


financial Planning

prepare for the rest of your life and career. Illness, injury, opportunity can change. Have the resources necessary to carry you through a storm or retirement! It is never too early or too late! 

Announcing Our Latest Financial planning service with Paul Stugart

Paul has been in our industry and knows what we go through day to day. Have a look at his expertise and offerings and see if it fits for you. 

Paul Stugart

I was Personal Trainer, Coach, and small business owner for 26 years. I loved what I did for a living... my responsibility was to understand an individuals needs, skills, abilities and GOALS, then use that information to design the best strategy to work towards the GOALS. I was there with my clients (and staff) day by day, week by week to guide them, motivate them and adjust the strategy as the rigors of life and aging changed the goals or situation. I kept my clients and staff performing at peak performance, all the time, given the current situation and goals.   I see my new role in a very similar light. If I am your Financial Advisor (Coach), I follow the same process.    I will first understand your life situation, your skills, your abilities, your needs and your goals, then we will utilize all this information to prepare the BEST strategy for you to live an enjoyable and financially stable life.    Protecting, Saving, Growing and Preserving your Human and Financial Capital prepare you for the retirement lifestyle you have envisioned.   I am here to understand, educate and encourage you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family with regard to your financial life.   I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your current situation and needs. If you have worked with a financial advisor previously, currently or never... I invite you to contact me to spend 20-30 minutes with me to review your needs.... maybe we can help, maybe we can't, either way we will advise you from a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your needs and what makes sense to you. Your needs being met is the only priority.   Message me, call me, text me, email me or flag me down in the street. I will work hard for you to make sure you achieve your financial goals.

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If you  have questions? Email us at ,  everybody benefits.